Successful Grand Opening of Zybio Thailand

Jun 24,2023 Zybio News

On June 24th, Zybio Thailand celebrated its grand opening ceremony in Bangkok, with the theme of “Planning, Creating, Sharing – Dare to Dream”.


Zybio is rapidly advancing towards its vision of "To build a world-class brand, leading in the global diagnostics field." Since expanding into overseas markets in 2017, Zybio has established 58 service teams globally, building a comprehensive marketing service system. Its product solutions and services span across five continents, reaching over 110 countries and serving more than 13,000 hospitals worldwide.

The establishment of Zybio Thailand, as Zybio's second subsidiary in Southeast Asia, holds great significance in Zybio's internationalization journey. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the attendees and partners. Together, we are committed to driving forward Zybio's vision and shaping the future of healthcare.




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