About Zybio

    • Message from president

      From our origin in 2008 as a Chinese national brand, Zybio has become one of fastest growing companies in the in-vitro diagnostic industry.

      This is an economic booming era, but also an era of heroes. The industry is developing by leaps and bounds, yet the environment is in a state of incessant changes. The coexistence of difficulties and hopes, opportunities and challenges have brought us to a new historical starting point, and we know deep down, only through grand strategy, unremitting improvement, innovations and continual refinement can we achieve unwavering success.

      And we acknowledge that nothing will be accomplished without the efforts of our employees and we sincerely thank them for their dedication to the company.

      With solid financial strength, customer-focused culture and very capable people, we are confident that Zybio can continue to provide better value, quality and service to our customers across the globe.
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