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Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer


Integrating Mechanical and Optical Coagulation Analysis Platform in clotting method.


320 T/H

Reagent positions onboard

20 (16 with cooling unit, 4 with room temperature).


132 T/H

Light source

LED, slow decay, maintenance-free.

Sample capacity onboard

40, and can switch to STAT positions at any time.

Automatic Sample Loading

Support continuous automatic sample loading.

The YX-2000 automated blood coagulation analyzer integrates the transmission spectrum method and viscosity-based (mechanical) detection method in clotting method, making coagulation testing simpler and more reliable.

All samples default to optical method detection to reduce consumables.

When encountering interference samples, the analyser automatically analyzes the degree of interference and intelligently switches to mechanical method detection, ensuring more accurate results.

For samples containing multiple interference factors, the analyzer utilizes a combination of optical and mechanical methods for comprehensive retesting, enabling direct comparison of analytical data. This resolves the clinical challenge of mismatched test results due to different types of coagulation analyzers.

Test items

APTT, PT, TT, FIB, D-Dimer, FDP, and AT-III.