MEDICA 2021|Meet you in Germany

Nov 19,2021 Zybio News

Düsseldorf Germany, where the world's biggest medical device exhibition happens, unveiled MEDICA 2021 event with strong resilience at Nov.15, 2021.

Zybio showcases Comprehensive Diagnosis Solution for Covid-19, Hematology Analyzer Z3CRP/Z5, Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer Q8Pro, Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer EXI1800, Chemistry Analyzer EXC200 and Mass Spectrometry System EXS2600.



Zybio insists on technological innovation for precision medicine and human-health industry. Until now, our products have been sold to nearly 100 countries and have installed in more than 13,000 hospitals worldwide. Since covid-19 happenned, Zybio molecular products have received positive feedback from the international community and have approached to each cornor of the world to help fight against the epidemic and benifit all human being.

C’est désormais 96 échantillons qui pourront être extraits en seulement 12 minutes!

-- BIO**** Laboratoires, Paris, France

Extraction of RNA during 10 minutes in 32 sam-ples in one run is REVOLUTIONARY for high throughput test.

-- Motol Uni. Hospital, Prague, Czech Rep.

ZYBIO EXM3000 extraction system revolution-ized our workflow. The system is robust, user friendly and with valuable feature of high speed, allowing us to meet short turnaround time.

-- Genotypes Science Labs, Athens, Greece

*Excerpted from clients’ letters

"Dedication To Accuracy". Zybio will take the responsibility of being a medical company and serve more users.